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Books availables in english

Chinese litterature

Classic novels :
- "Outlaws of the marsh"
- "7 heroes and 5 gallants"
- "Journey to the west"
- "A dream of red mansions"

Lu Xun works :
- "Selected stories of Lu Xun" (chinese-english version)
- "Call to arms" (idem)
- "Wandering" (idem)
- "Wild grass" (idem) ; "Wild grass"
- "The true story of AhQ" (chinese-english illustrated edition)

Japanese society

- Tetsuzo Fuwa :

Japanese Communist Party 23rd Congress

- Nuclear Deception -- Japan-U.S. Secret Agreements

- Building a New Japan for the People

- Japanese Communist Party on Democratic Change and Peace

- Japanese Communist Party Programme and Constitution

Sri Lankan litterature

- "The Mahavamsa"
Maureen Seneviratne :
- "Mists on a lake"
- "Dark nights of the moon"

Punyakante Wijenaike :
- "The waiting earth"
- "Amulet"
- "Coming to terms"
- "That Deep Silence"
- "Giraya"
Anne Ranasinghe :
- "Desire and other stories" English Writer's Cooperative of Sri Langka
- "Against eternity and darkness" English Writer's Cooperative of Sri Langka
- "At what dark point" English Writer's Cooperative of Sri Langka
- "Not even shadows" English Writer's Cooperative of Sri Langka
- "Do you ask me why I write poems" MaroVerlag
- "Mascot and symbol" English Writer's Cooperative of Sri Langka

Ruana Rajepakse :
- "The garland of fate" Vijitha Yapa Publications

Noel Nadesan :
- "Vannathikkulam Butterfly Lake" Vijitha Yapa Publications

Swarna Jayaweera :
- "Women in post-Indipendence Sri Lanka"
- "Gender, vocational training and employment"
Centre for Women's Research
- "Migrant women domestic workers : Cyprus, Greece, Italy" by Leelangi Wanasundera
- "Channeling & utilization of Remittances of Migrant Women Domestic Workers." - "All her worldly goods : property and inheritance rights ."
- "Women, sexual violence and the legal process in Sri Lanka : a study on rape" by Savitri W.E. Goonesekere and Camena Guneratne
- "Post Beijing reflections : Women in Sri Lanka"
- "Gender, ideology and empowerment"
- "Gender, ideology and development"
- "Unravelling herstories : a three generational study" by Kamalini Wijayatilake
- "Sri Lankan migrant garment factory workers : Mauritius and Sultanate of Oman"
by Maisiri Dias and Leelangi Wanasundera
- "International Labour Standards and Women in Sri Lanka"
by Camena Guneratne
- "South Asian Women : global perspective and National Trends in the 1990's"

- Eva Ranaweera :
- "Sedona" Godage International Publishers PVT LTD

Selvy Thiruchandran :
- "Stories from diaspora : Tamil women writing"

Kapila Pathirana Vimaladharma :
- "Women in the Kandyan Kingdom" Varuni Publishers . Kandy

D.V.J. Harischandra :
- "Psychiatric aspects of Jataka stories" Upuli Offset Printers

Indian litterature :

Kali for Women , New Delhi ( India ) :

- "Atlas of women and men in India"
by Saraswati Raju , Janet G. Townsend , Naresh Kumar , Peter J. Atkins
- " The History of Doing / an illustrated account of movements
for women's rights and feminism in India , 1800 - 1990 "
by Radha Kumar
- " Fields of protest / Women's movements in India " by Raka Ray

Communist Party of India -Marxist :
- - The market that failed
- Nobodies to somebodies
- History of the communist movement in India
- Israel and Palestine

Native American Studies
Cherokee Nation :
John Ehle : "Trail of Tears / The rise and fall of Cherokee Nation"
Anchor Books

Josephine Paterek : "Encyclopedia of American Indian Costume"
Norton Books

Donald Sizemore : "How to make Cherokee Clothing"
Cherokee Publications

Carl Waldman : "Atlas of the North American Indian" Checkmark Books

Books for children :

"Little girl and the boa man
- La pequeña niña y el hombre boa"
edited by Madres de Plaza de Mayo

"Abc del corpo umano" italian-english book ; Fatatrac , Firenze
"Abc degli animali" italian-english book ; Fatatrac , Firenze
"My family" plurilingual cdrom with sound ; Edizioni 7 mari ; Napoli , 2004